The Asian - Low Fat, Low Carb, High Fibre, High Protein

The Asian - Low Fat, Low Carb, High Fibre, High Protein
Click here at my picture to read My book THE ASIAN - LOW FAT, LOW CARB, HIGH FIBRE, HIGH PROTEIN serves all, men and women. Like most people, I battle with weight problems most of my life. Now I am able to enjoy most foods with a change in lifestyle. I only wished I knew how to earlier, when I was younger. I lost 14 kg in my first year and now maintaining between 49 to 51 kg. Join me in my journey to a healthier body and lifestyle


Salads are ultimately the best vegetables.  Almost all vitamins and minerals are intact, some are lost to washing, but non through cooking.

I like mine with simple, easy vegetables -  greens and reds, some yellows.  Simple dressings, no cheese, raisins or nuts.  But put your favorite in.

The best dressings is of course just olive oil and little salt, if you like with vinegar.   Sometimes I do dressings like  Coleslaw with lemon and herbs. Just go easy on it.

Eat more fruits...

Fruits especially the high fibre types satisfy sweet cravings and keep you in 
Low Fat, Low Carb and High Fibre

I like hard pears and eat them when it has not gone soft and yellow.  Also it gives you lots to bite and chew.  Same with pineapple... It has so much fibre and sweetness and it takes time to chew.

There are many other fruits you can choose ...   Red Apples, Green Apples, Oranges, Chinese Pears,  Watermelon, Strawberries, Rambutans, Mangoes, Melons.
Whichever  fruit you like , eat them on their own without any toppings or making them into juices or desserts.  You get all the fibres and vitamins that way without the extra calories.  

How to cook Cucumber Egg

I love this dish. Had it just for lunch

 Put thinly sliced and deskinned desceeded green cucumber into a pot.  
Add some olive oil and soften  over high heat

Add two eggs for every cucumber

Mix and cook until cooked (or if you like.. a bit golden brown ) 

Add water to just cover the cucumber egg and cook over medium heat til it boils

It's Heavenly


Yes, it is vegetarian bee hoon.  More complex carbs than simple.  

I added 2 portions of  vegetables ~ bean sprouts, chye sim and carrot, 1 portion bee hoon,
 garlic, eggs, olive oil, soya sauce and mushroom seasoning.

Exercise can be an enjoyment

You can exercise while enjoying some other activity.  For example, read a book or watch a video or listen to music while riding a stationary bike or while on the treadmill.

Enjoy the seabreeze,  while walking on the beach.  Or cycle.  
Enjoy the shops, while on the lookout for new items.

Do it with someone as time seems to fly and the activity easier and more enjoyable.   If you like your own  company,  then you will find exercising more flexible,... You can take your time, pick your activity, choose your own place.

Exercise Away.....

If you want to lose weight, or even maintain your weight, exercise is important.

I aim to exercise every weekday because my time and schedule permits me to do so, but not on the weekends.  So include exercise in your daily regime, no matter what exercise.  As long as the time is suitable for you.

Some of my friends do just stretching exercises, but their days are very active.  They have to cook daily but walk a lot thru and fro the bus stops.  And they are slim.  Most are also on low carb although most still can pack in a good size meal many a times.

Some like me, use the gym because we don't like the outside heat.   Others cycle in the open or walk in the evening.  Some do a lot of window shopping!

Whatever you like, be moving, be active, even for an hour a day.

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Xiao Zhen's Recipes

Want to know what to eat?   Just go to Xiao Zhen's Recipes for ideas...  Everything is good for low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein there.

You will not get tired of eating low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein if you know how.

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