White tea comes from the bud and immature leaves  of the Chinese Camellia Sinensis tea bush, among which there are the White Peony and Silver Needles.  The White Peony contains the bud for every two leaves, while Silver Needles is the downy bud that comes from the first flushes picked in early spring. The tea leaves turns white when dried and the brewed tea is light golden in colour.  It can dispel the efffects of alcohol and nicotine.   It acts on colds, coughs and sore throats. 

Chrysanthemum is the flower of Chrysanthemum morifolium.  The tea is induced from the chrysanthemum flowers and acts as a natural coolant that helps to remove wind and heat from the body.  It can aid in recovery of influenza, reduction of fever and prevention of sore throat. It is also said to clear the liver and the eyes. 

Green tea comes from the leaves of the  Camellia Sinensis tea bush, which have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.  Thus enabling the antioxidants, such as flavonoids and catechins to stay with the tea leaves.  Green tea can regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and help lose weight.  This tea brew mixed with honey is good for curing insomnia.

The Tian Qi flower is pseudo-ginseng flowers of Panax notoginseng which is a perennial herb.  It is rare and can be found or cultivated in near lattitude 23.5° and 1,500 to 1,800 meters above sea level in southwest China.  The flower contains saponins of protopanaxadial type and flavonoids-guercetine. The brew takes acquiring as it has a slightly bitter and herbal taste. However a light brew is fine and easy to drink.  It can reduce inflammation and stop gum bleeding and skin eruptions, and very effective in removing excessive body heatiness.  It can dispel the effects of alcohol, reduce liver fires and protecting the liver.

Red tea is the completely oxidized bud leaves of Camellia Sinensis tea bush which are wilted, rolled, fermented and dried. The resulting infusion produces a lovely red colour and a subtle aromatic fragranc.   It is rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant.  It promotes calmness and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.  

Puher tea leaves are mao cha picked from old and ancient large leaf tea trees that grow high in remote misty mountains of China.  It is fermented and oxidized dark tea leaves. It is effective in lowering cholesterol and cure diabetes, as well as dysentery and enteritis.  It can be used to eliminate toxins from the body and in weight loss.  Mixing this tea with ginger is good for rheumatism and arthritis.  Old Puher tea is the only tea that can be kept in the fridge for maximum three days.

Oolong tea (Wulong tea) is unfermented tea from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush, that is produced through a unique process of sunning and oxidation.  The tea leaves are made from a blend of green and red teas, therefore enabling Oolong tea to have a flavourful and aromatic qualities of both.  Oolong tea is good for blood circulation as well as anemia and enriching the blood and enhancing the skin.  It is also said to soften blood vessels.  Mixed with some brown sugar, it can nourish the stomach.

Jasmine tea is green tea scented with the aroma of jasmine flower (mo li hua) in a special process to produce a scented aromatic tea leaves.  It can drive away heatiness and improve eyesight as well as shake off drowsiness and relieve headache.

Litici (Lychee) tea is black tea scented with lychee peels.  Lychee is a sweet tropical fruit grown in Asia.  Litchi tea when brewed has a strong pleasant sweet fruity aroma.  It is good for digestion. Mixing this tea with rose flowers can relieve freckles.

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