Eating at Hawker Centers

To know what to choose when there are so many stalls and so many carbs and little vegs... Help!

Read Eating Out  for food I choose at the hawker center.


Drink your latte without sugar.  It is delicious.


These are protein snacks - Singapore's bbq pork and pork floss.   For bbq pork, you can replace with beef jerky.  

Snack Ideas here

Healthy Snacks

Braised Peanut 
as a snack or add on to main meal

Boil Star Anise and Cinnamon Sticks over medium flame for half an hour.  Reserve liquid.  Put raw peanuts with skin on in reserved liquid and bring it to boil.  Add black sauce, light soya sauce, salt and sugar to taste.  Simmer over low flame for one to two hours, until peanuts are tender to your liking.

Sunflower Seeds
with shell on